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Beaufield Veterinary Centre has been providing veterinary services to the animals of north Kildare and west Dublin since January 1996. It has since expanded to become an extremely busy Small Animal Hospital and has received recognition from the Veterinary Council of Ireland as a registered Small Animal Hospital.



At Beaufield we realise that you are very busy and don’t want to spend more time than you have to waiting to see a Vet with your animal. So we run appointments in conjunction with our normal walk-in clinics.

Appointments can be made via our online booking form, at least 24hrs in advance.



All our staff are so proud of our modern Small Animal Hospital.

Our full range of Veterinary Services is listed here.


COVID-19 (2019 novel coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2)

Beaufield Veterinary Centre is still open for business and we will make every effort to ensure that we continue to provide services to your pets throughout the Covid-19 crisis, but as with many other areas of society, we need to change the way we operate over the next period of time.

Having examined the various risks it is clear that it is important to reduce the numbers of people mixing in the waiting room. As such we have instituted the following rules with immediate effect:

Visits to the Hospital with animals

All visits should be by appointment only. Please do not come down without calling first. We will see emergencies as fast as we possibly can, as always, but please call us first. We will be leaving certain gaps in the schedule to reduce the in-out flow and this may mean we will have a lower availability of appointments than normal, so please understand if you cannot be seen at the time you prefer. Every effort will be made to accommodate you.

When you are coming into the Hospital, please make sure that there is only one person with your pet. If you consider that it is essential that more than one person attend please call us to discuss this in advance.

Please arrive at the allotted time and wait in your car and call the reception to let us know you have arrived. When we are ready to see you our reception staff will call you in. Please go straight into the consultation room and take a seat. The vet will take matters from there.

If you have children – please do not bring them. We love having families in with their little pets but until this crisis has passed it is best that children do not attend. If you must bring your children with you – which is of course understandable if they cannot be left at home alone – please leave them in the car if they are old enough. If they are too young to stay in the car then one of our nursing staff can collect your pet and drop them back to you, and the vets can discuss everything with you at the car or by phone.

Please use the provided sanitiser when you enter the hospital.

If you are feeling unwell, especially if you are experiencing any signs of respiratory issues or running a temperature, please do not attend the hospital and consult your General Practitioner.

Clients unable to attend the Hospital

If you are unable to come in – be it that you are unwell or you wish to self-isolate – we will do everything we can to help. Firstly, please see if a friend or family member could bring your pet in for you. Alternatively, call us and we will do everything we can to look after your pet. Please understand that it will be extremely difficult for us to provide home visits during this period of time but we will do everything that we can. We may be able to triage your pet over the phone and send medications out to you in the post, but please let our trained veterinary staff make that call.

Visits to the Hospital to pick up medications and food

For repeat medications and for pet food please call us, if possible, with at least 24 hours’ notice so that we can have them ready for you. You will be given a designated time to call to the Hospital to pick up the medication or food. Have a look in the window and if there are a few people in the waiting room please wait outside until people leave. The nurses can if you like drop your medications or food to the car if you like, just call when you arrive.

We will extend all facilities for repeat medications as much as we can to ensure that your animals are catered for. If your pet was due to revisit us to get a new prescription, we will waive the requirement for this visit in those situations that clinical judgement allows. Please consult us if you are in this situation.

Postal Services

We will use the postal system to get any medications to you that you might need. Please call the Hospital, and again, please give us a few days’ notice to ensure that your pet does not go without their medications.


Where at all possible please pay by card. The key pad will be disinfected between people using it. If ordering food/medications by phone you can pay over the phone at that time. Please bear with us as there will be considerably more resources needed to administer these payments compared to normal and this may result in delays in our service to you.


We will make every attempt possible to ensure that our supply chain of drugs and foods is maintained throughout this time but I am sure that you will appreciate that an element of this is outside of our control, so please bear with us if such eventualities arise.


Please, please, please be patient with our brilliant and caring staff if there are delays, we are all doing our best but all of these extra precautions are going to slow things up a little.

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