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Daire Graham

Currently studying Veterinary Medicine abroad, Daire grew up in Celbridge, with an exotic heritage of being half Mexican…  explains the year long tan. Before venturing in the career path of Veterinary, He did a year’s study in music production while singing in a band that performed in many Irish festivals and on Irish radios for a few years. Today he just sings in the shower. He then studied to become a Veterinary Assistant, this led to him beginning his work in Beaufield for many years.

Daire has two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Rosie & Daisy. What is special about one of them is that Rosie was an Autism Assistant dog for Children with Autism.  Both of them moved abroad with Daire and attend more lectures than he does. They keep him busy and focused on his end goal.

When not studying or working in Beaufield during the summer, Daire keeps himself busy by going to the gym, at times going with Finbarr who still shows Diare that truth of the old saying “the old dog for the long road”. He also likes hiking, playing and writing music and reading non Veterinary related books, more romantic novels to get in touch with his feelings.