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X-ray and Ultrasound

Digital Radiography

At Beaufield Veterinary Centre we have invested in a state of the art digital X-ray machine. There are many situations in which we will take x-rays. If your animal is limping, we use x-rays to assess the health of their bones and joints. If they are coughing it allows us to assess their heart and lungs. If your pet is having trouble passing urine, it can help in the diagnosis of bladder stones. These are just a few examples of the many uses of x-rays in the diagnosis of illness in our pets.

Digital X-rays have significant advantages over film x-rays in that we are able to produce x-rays of a higher quality in a shorter period of time. This helps us to more accurately diagnose and treat your pet, which is great news for all concerned!


Here at Beaufield we have a modern ultrasound machine which we use regularly. Ultrasound can be used alone or in combination with x-ray to look for abnormalities in the heart and abdominal organs, and in pregnancy diagnosis. In the years that we have been using it, ultrasonography has become a very useful tool in our diagnostic arsenal!