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Here at BVC we perform a wide range of surgeries on a daily basis. This includes neutering, tumour removal, biopsies, abdominal surgery and orthopaedic surgery to name but a few. All pets will be assessed before surgery and the anaesthetic and pain relief tailored to their needs. Pre-anaesthetic blood testing is recommended, especially in older pets, as it can help us to identify any issues that may be impossible to detect on physical examination. Other pre-anaesthetic testing may be advisable depending on other underlying health problems.

We use human-grade intravenous and gas anaesthesia to allow for the safest anaesthetic possible. From the time of pre-medication with sedatives to recovery they will be monitored by a trained surgical nurse. The use of modern monitoring equipment allows us to monitor heart rate, body temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure and electrical activity in the heart.

After surgery we monitor pets closely until they are awake, mobile and ready to go home. As part of our surgical service we include post-operative checks and suture removal to ensure that your pet recovers as smoothly as possible. We are also always at the end of the phone to assist in any questions you might have about your pet’s recovery.