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Prescription Refill

If your pet has been diagnosed with an illness that requires ongoing medication, please contact us here at the clinic whenever you need a refill of this medication. This allows us to have your prescription ready upon arrival to the clinic.

Injury and disease can affect our pets’ lives in the same way they can affect our own. Advances in Veterinary Medicine mean we can effectively manage and improve most conditions to give our furry loved ones a happy and comfortable quality of life.

In most cases, these prescriptions have a 6-month validation period. At this point a revisit with one of our vets is necessary to renew the prescription for a further 6 months. This visit allows the vets to assess your pet’s health and response to the medication. From this we can see if any alterations are needed such as a reduction or increase in the dosage, or indeed the addition or removal of another medication.

If you have any queries about your pet’s prescription please call us here at the clinic to discuss.