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Saying Goodbye

All of the staff here at Beaufield understand the significant impact pets can have on our lives. They become members of our family, the relationships we form and the memories we create are truly unique and ours to cherish.

We, as guardians, dedicate so much to provide a healthy and fulfilling life for our pets.

Unfortunately death is also a part of life we must all accept but it is also the last opportunity we have to help them. We, as veterinary professionals, are fortunate that we can help to provide this through humane euthanasia. This is a painless and minimally invasive procedure which allows for us to end any suffering which your pet may be enduring and also allows us, as pet owners, to be with our friends until the end.

It is very important to us here at Beaufield to help as much as possible to give our friends a peaceful send-off when the time eventually comes. Please know that this time is not easy to recognise and that we are always available to help you through any difficult times when you need advice.

Contact us at the clinic to and we will do our best to accommodate your requests, offer advice or help in any way we can.

With regard to remains, we offer a cremation service through the Irish pet crematorium ( where you will have the option to get your pet’s ashes back to keep.

The crematorium offers a variety of options for storing the ashes such as tribute boxes, caskets, or scatter tubes which can be scattered over a place both you and your pet enjoyed.

Please see ( for the list of products available.

It is perfectly normal for us to grieve for a pet in the same way we would a loved one or family member. Everyone will process grief differently and sometimes people will struggle to move on. There can be many reasons for this and we understand how difficult it can be. Other people will not be able to comprehend the loss we feel as they won’t understand the bonds formed between Guardian and pet and this can lead to a lack of support we are normally afforded in times of loss.

It is important to know that struggling with grief is not uncommon and there is help available. As well as numerous articles online and websites dedicated to pet bereavement, counselling may be of benefit for some. Should you need someone to talk to, we at Beaufield will do our best to lend an ear and offer any support we can.