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Lab tests

Here at Beaufield we have a well equipped laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our haematology analyser allows us to assess the health of your pet’s platelets and also their red and white blood cells. This aids us with the diagnosis of clotting problems, anaemia, infections and inflammatory disease.

We have a biochemistry analyser that has a wide variety of uses. We commonly use it to check the health of your pet’s internal organs including liver, kidneys and pancreas. This enables us to check for diseases affecting these organs, as well as determining whether it may be safe to give an animal an anaesthetic, and to ensure there are no adverse effects from any long-term medication a pet may be on. We have also invested in further equipment that allows us to check your pet for a range of metabolic illnesses, including thyroid diseases and conditions affecting the adrenal glands. By having this equipment in-hospital, it allows us to make rapid diagnoses in case of illness, often on the same day, enabling us to start treatment quickly.

In addition, we have a high-powered microscope, which we use to analyse samples including urine sediment, blood smears and tissue aspirates, aiding in the diagnosis of conditions varying from cystitis and bladder crystals all the way through to anaemia and certain types of tumours. Results are usually available within 24 hours, again aiding in the rapid diagnosis and speedy treatment of your pet.