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In cases where your pet is quite unwell, and more intensive care is required, it may be necessary for pet patients to be hospitalised overnight with us. We know they’re not just pets, they’re family, and we always treat your pet as if they were our own.

When your pet is staying in the hospital, we will keep in close touch with you every day that they are in. We always endeavour to keep their stay as short as possible, however with very serious illnesses pets may be in for a few days. We always aim to keep your pet as comfortable as possible, and if they have a favourite blanket or toy you can leave that with them also. Some pets will be on intravenous fluids and have blood tests while staying in the clinic, which means a little shaved patch on their paw and neck after they go home.

Our canine inpatients are brought outside for a short walk if possible several times per day. We feed our sick pets a convalescent diet while they are with us; this is usually a prescription diet, but at times we will need to fall back on chicken!

Rest assured that our nurses and vets give each pet the time and attention they need until they are well enough to go home, and that we will keep you informed every step of the way.