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Neutering for Rabbits

Advantages to having male rabbits castrated:

Advantages of having female rabbits spayed:

Rabbit pregnancies are short – around 31 days – and there are several kits to each litter. Females are able to mate again immediately after they have given birth, so if the dad is still around, it’s obviously very likely that you will have a population explosion.

The procedure itself is carried out as a day procedure. Your pet is admitted in the morning and the procedure is performed during the morning. We monitor them for the rest of the day to ensure they come around well after anaesthesia, and you’ll be able to pick them up that evening. All our bunnies go home with post-op medication including pain medication, and we check their wounds two and seven days after the procedure. In most instances there is no need for stitch removal as we apply tissue glue to the skin; but we always check your pet in the post-op period to ensure good wound healing and reduce the risk of complications.

Here at Beaufield we recommend the neutering of rabbits from five months of age onwards. We are always happy to discuss any queries or concerns you may have regarding the procedure so please contact us if you would like to do so.