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Blood Donation

Just like in human medicine animals sometimes need a blood transfusion and here Beaufield Veterinary Centre we are always on the lookout for donor dogs and cats. The blood that we collect from these donors will be used in a range of life threatening emergency cases such as road traffic accidents, poisonings and complicated surgeries to list a few.

Unlike the human blood transfusion service, we only call for these donations when we need them; so you know that very donor animal is giving blood only when it is needed. We maintain a list of donors at the practice that we can call upon when necessary.

Our donors’ owners appreciate the important and lifesaving role their companion can play in veterinary medicine. Canine donors can be family pets, retired greyhounds or working dogs, and our feline donors can be pedigree cats or domestic moggies!

We are greatly appreciative of the kindness and commitment of our pet donors and their owners. If you would like your animal to become one of our registered blood donors that can be called upon to help save the life of a critically ill animal, please send us an email to and we will be in touch to arrange a consultation with one of our vets.

Blood Donations

Before being accepted there are certain criteria that each donor dog has to meet:

Our donor cats also need to meet some criteria:

The process of collecting is quite simple. If your animal is suitable your dog or cat will receive a small sedation if required, and then a small area on the neck will be clipped and surgically prepared to prevent contamination. A qualified veterinary surgeon will draw about 450ml of the dog’s blood or about 50-70ml of the cat’s blood from the jugular vein, while a nurse will gently restrain the donor.

Once the donation is made your dog or cat will be monitored for a short period, and the sedation is reversed if required. Once awake they will receive a well earned drink and snack before going home after a good day’s work!